The Chinese in Early 20th Century Toronto: 84 Ulster Street

The address I chose to do was 84 Ulster street. Mainly because I have never heard that street name before and I figured it would be fun to figure out the history of it. It was a thrilling experience until I realized I would have to scroll through many pages of film to get to the name listed at the address. When I first started to look for the address in the fire plans I found that 84 Ulster street was in Ward 4 division 2. After figuring out the ward went into the roll of 1899, and decided to see who lived there at the time and what occupation they may have had. Then I stumbled onto this: 84 Ulster Street was the location of a laundry owned by Bing Lee. The laundry was named Peoples Loan Company. By 1903, 84 Ulster, also a laundry, was owned by a Lem, Yong.


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