The Chinese in Early 20th Century Toronto: 1120 1/2 Queen Street West

A man named Chu Foo is listed as living at 1120 1/2 Queen Street West, with one other person living there as well. This address is found on plate 21 in Goads Fire Insurance Plans, in lot 531. This establishment is located close to the corner of a block, just like 465 College Street, and the intersection here is Queen Street West and Lisgar Street. The concentration of Chinese shops on Queen Street West seems to be the deepest around the year 1915 (37). According to Valerie Mah, the types of establishments at this location seemed to cater more to white people than Chinese people (37). The picture shows Queen Street West in the present day from the addresses 1122 to 1116, which means that 1120 1/2 would be in this cluster of buildings.

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