Chinese Women in Toronto

Why I Chose This Topic?

Since 2014 was THE year for women empowerment, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to explore a different take on the subject matter and start recognizing Notable Canadian women of Asian Decent.

My knowledge of independent and inspiration Chinese women…is quite low. In fact I don’t really much. However, I’m going to take this opportunity to not only educate myself, but all of you as well. In case you know all of this already…

First Chinese Woman In Canada

In 1858,  Mrs. Kwong Lee, first Chinese woman in Canada lands in Victoria. Mrs. Kwong Lee is the wife of the owner of the Kwong Lee Company. The Kwong Lee Company is said to be the second largest landowner in Victoria, after the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Senator Vivienne Poy

Senator Vivienne Poy became the first Canadian of Asian descent appointed to the Senate of Canada.|
She is an entrepreneur, author, historian, and Fashion Designer. Vivienne has her PHD in History, and a Diploma in Fashion Arts. Vivienne is the Chairwoman of Lee Tak Wai Holdings Ltd. She has her own fashion label, Vivienne Poy Mode.

Adrienne Clarkson

Adrienne Clarkson is a Journalist and Author. Clarkson is also the 1st immigrant appointed as Governor General of Canada. Clarkson became one of Canada’s first Female On-Air Personalities. Adrienne Clarkson also hosted and produced a CBC Produced Show Titled: “Adrienne Clarkson presents” and for 18 years worked with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

About The Author

My name is Daniella Beca I am a 2nd year English Student at Ryerson University. Having experience with WordPress before, Daniella I’ve worked on Lifestyle blogs, and created a few of my own. This was definitely challenging because I’d never gone into complex layouts, but the topic itself inspired me to pursue my own dreams of writing, and becoming a notable woman in the Torontonian community…but i’d be representing the Portuguese. I didn’t know much about these women, until I did the research and I hope that with this, more people discover what I have about these women.


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